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Ashley Wingate Online Personal Fitness Trainer Bossfit Online Fitness Programs

Hey you! It’s Ashley Wingate – fitness trainer + mom. 

I specialize in empowering women to realize their fitness goals with a customized exercise program & a refined training style I call BOSSFIT

I’ve taken the principles, methods & techniques that I’ve found to consistently produce the best results & rolled them into a program that I adapt and structure to your goals & individual differences. The best workout routine for YOU will always be one that’s designed with YOU in mind. 

I’m incredibly passionate about helping women reach their fitness goals because of the many challenges & struggles I’ve faced along the way in my own fitness journey. I’ve done the ‘cardio bunny & starve myself’ routine, the ‘2-a-days & injure myself’ routine and just about everything in between. Any success I had was quickly fleeting and my weight would yo-yo right back to the start point or higher.


If so, I want you to know that I GET IT. I know the pain of being dissatisfied with your body despite your best efforts. I wasn’t genetically blessed with a lean body composition & I didn’t build my body without making almost every mistake possible along the way. I beat myself down physically & mentally attempting to achieve my goals. BUT. With every mistake came an invaluable lesson. God has taken my greatest fitness related failures and used them to prune me & grow me into a better trainer and a better person. I want to use these lessons I’ve learned to help you avoid the pitfalls that impeded my own progress & success.

READY TO DO THIS? One day or Day 1? It’s up to you. – I’m ready when you are!! XX

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