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Hey, You! It’s Ashley Wingate – Fitness Trainer + Mom.

I specialize in empowering women to realize their fitness goals with a customized exercise program & a refined training style I call BOSSFIT. I’m incredibly passionate about helping women reach their fitness goals because of the many challenges & struggles I’ve faced along the way in my own fitness journey.

I’ve done the ‘cardio bunny & starve myself’ routine, the ‘2-a-days & injure myself’ routine and just about everything in between. Any success I had was quickly fleeting and my weight would yo-yo right back to the start point or higher.

Sound Familiar?

If so, I want you to know that I GET IT. I know the pain of being dissatisfied with your body despite your best efforts. I wasn’t genetically blessed with a lean body composition & I didn’t build my body without making almost every mistake possible along the way. . I want to use these lessons I’ve learned to help you avoid the pitfalls that impeded my own progress & success.

Ready to Do This?

One day or Day 1? It’s up to you. – Let’s go! I’m ready when you are!! XX

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