There’s a FIT for every BODY.

Start reaching your fitness goals today with plans starting at less than $2 a day! Every BOSSFIT workout program is personally designed by me, Ashley Wingate, and delivered straight to your phone via mobile app where you can access your training plan anytime, track your progress + SO much to help you succeed!

Don’t wait, your BOSSFIT BODY is waiting on YOU!

Total Body Fitness
$59.99Program Delivered via Mobile App
Targeted Bikini Body Strengthening & Toning
$59.99 Program Delivered via Mobile App
Lower Body & Glute Focused
$59.99Program Delivered via Mobile App
The Silver Plan
*4 Week Customized Program *
$149.99Program Delivered via Mobile App
The Gold Plan
*4 Week Customized Program + Weekly Check-ins & Form Evaluations*
$299.99 Program Delivered via Mobile App
The Platinum Plan
*4 Week Customized Program + 1-on-1 Coaching*
$399.99 +Program Delivered via Mobile App + Virtual 1-on-1's

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